Top Geek Christmas Jumper Guide 2017

The Christmas countdown has already started! It is about time to begin making your own Christmas wish list and preparing the Christmas day sprouts. If you are looking for geeky jumpers for Christmas, this top geek Christmas jumper guide 2017 will surely be your big help to find the best one.

Keep cool and stay warm this festive season with the following geeky gaming Christmas jumpers. Whether you need a retro styled Xmas jumper to finish your festive Star Wars costume, or a Doctor Who, here we’ve got you safely covered.

From everything you like from Star Wars and Marvel to Sony PlayStation to Street Fighter, you will get it from the following geeky Christmas jumpers. All of these novelty Christmas jumpers are well knitted and not printed. You will get that authentic Christmas jumper feeling with some of the coolest designs like SEGAs Sonic the Hedgehog and Fallout 4! With these geeky Christmas jumpers, you will even make Father Christmas jealous!

Top Geek Christmas Jumper Choice at Amazon UK

The following geek Christmas jumpers are available at Amazon UK. They come with the best offers.

geek christmas jumper

Star Wars: X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter Unisex Official Knitted Christmas Jumper – Price £34.99

This geeky jumper is an official licensed merchandise of Star Wars. You will surely get confident that it will be of the highest chosen quality. It will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes only from supporting the creators.

geek star wars christmas jumper

Star Wars: Official Darth Vander Unisex Knitted Christmas Jumper – Price £34.99

This cozy jumper will keep you warm anywhere on any planet in this big galaxy. When you wear this Darth Vader Christmas jumper, you’ll have the everlasting words of the Dark Lord buzzing in your head, “Come Now to the Dark Side… we own nice Christmas cookies!”

geek fallout 4 christmas jumper

Fallout 4 Vault Tec: Official Christmas Jumper – Price £34.99

Show that you are a true citizen of the wasteland with this Vault-Tec certified cool Christmas jumper. This knitted jumper features good old Vault Boy along with a festive message. This official Fallout 4 jumper is ideal for any festive event, but don’t hope it to defend and protect you from radiation.

official geek star wars christmas jumper

Star Wars: Official AT-AT Hoth Unisex Knitted Christmas Jumper – Price £34.99

This jumper is knitted into a stylish geometric print design. The All Terrain Armoured Transporters are ready to march all over your favourite wardrobe and destroy all other out of date Christmas jumpers.

Don’t think foolish by the cold wintry blue and ice white print, this knit is warranted to keep you warm when you are in the arctic winds of Hoth.

official geek doctor who christmas jumper

Doctor Who Official Unisex BBC Christmas Jumper – Price £34.99

Whether you’re dueling with Davros or Clashing with the Cybermen this Christmas you need to have a cool look. More importantly, you have to stay warm.

Well now with this official stylish Doctor Who knitted Cyberman Christmas jumper you can. The design shows the doctor’s old enemies, his Tardis, and some Christmas cheer for the ideal Christmas jumper.

official geek playstation christmas jumper

PlayStation: Official Console Unisex Christmas Jumper – Price £34.99

Celebrate 20 years of play with this cool official original PlayStation unisex Christmas jumper! This jumper honours the console that begun 20 years of Sony gaming. It features button, D-Pad and Symbol design featuring all based around the pioneer (and now retro) PS1.

official geek street fighter christmas jumper

Street Fighter: Ken Vs. Ryu Official Christmas Jumper – Price £34.99

Put a cool retro gaming twist on your festive celebration with this geek Christmas jumper. It is perfectly knitted for a higher quality original feeling. A good quality at a good price.

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