Cheap Short Party Dresses Under 10

If you are going to attend your friend’s wedding party which is held in the beach, then you’ll need a dress which is made of soft and cool materials. This dress will surely make you feel comfortable indeed particularly if it is a hot summer wedding party. There is no better dress to select than a short party dress. With this dress style, you’ll find it easy to move here and there in the sand. From the short party dresses we selected here, there should be one which is perfect for you.

These dresses are not only stylish and elegant indeed, they are much affordable as well. They are all under 10 pounds which are cheap enough.


This short party dress is designed with off the shoulder and beautiful floral print. Available at Amazon. Price £5.73


A short summer beach party dress. It is designed backless and comfortably made of chiffon. See the details at Amazon. Price £6.09

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