Ideal Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces

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hairstyles for women with round faces

Many women who have a more round face should be looking for the perfect haircut which can minimize the roundness and create the look of a more narrow and refined face. Consider the following ideal hairstyles for women with round faces.

First, it is important to avoid extremely curly or extremely straight hair styles as this only accentuates your round face. Layering your hair is very important and if you want curls, keep them lose and wavy which can help minimize the round shape. The best and most popular hair length for women with round shaped faces is just below the chin.

This allows you to create the wavy styles, straight or whatever you want while keeping the length that shows off your face in a new and refined light. You do not want to go shorter than just below the chin, like a bob, as this can make your face look that much rounder.

Another great look for round faced ladies is the short bob in the back and longer in the front, below the chin. This angled bob is perfect for rounded faces as it is worn straight and therefore limits the volume on the sides of the face which is how round faces are generally accentuated instead of refined. Although a great flatiron and styling gel is required for this look, it can work can really create a chic look that everyone is striving for.

For women out there who are looking for longer hair styles you are in luck because many hair experts say that longer hair styles do more for round faces than short hairstyles. Once again, layers are very important in long hair as they are in short styles.

Although the long wavy hair was the look of last year in the eyes of the trend watchers today, it is still a great look for women with round faces. It not only refines your face but gives you a sexy and sultry look for the day and the evenings. All it takes is a large barreled curling iron to get this great look and best of all it looks so natural on round faced women.

The popular, long side swept bangs are the perfect addition to any of these great hairstyles listed above as they really do something flattering to the round faced women of today. They are incredibly in style and can be paired with any hairstyle you want to experiment with.

Not only are your bangs important but how you part your chosen hairstyle as well. What is best for round faced women is to part right down the middle or do what you can to avoid a part altogether. You may never have thought that your part can make that much difference on how flattering your face shape can look, but it can be one of the biggest factors that are often ignored.

There are so many women out there who are not wearing the most flattering hairstyle for whatever their face shape is, and little do they know that if they avoided what is most popular and went for what suited them best they would look ten times better! Take the time to research your face shape and what is most flattering for you, you will not regret it!

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