Best Die Hard Christmas Jumper Picks

die hard christmas jumper

Have you got your favorite jumper for the next Christmas day? If you have not bought at all or still thinking about what jumper to buy, why don’t you buy Die Hard Christmas jumper? This jumper looks awesome.

Surprise your friends with this jumper. This would be nice too for Christmas gift. Your boyfriend would certainly like it. Here, we’ve selected a number of Die Hard Christmas jumpers. Hopefully, you’ll find the best one from our picks here.

Have a look at the red jumper above. The ultimate in festive jumper, this is a fitting tribute Christmas film ever made. Comes complete with the Nakatomi Plaza logo, a slice John McClane’s famous wit (‘ho-ho-ho, indeed), and also a classic ‘gun taped to the back’ design. Available at Dark Bunny Tees.

Die Hard Christmas Jumper Amazon: Best Picks

Amazon offers you some gorgeous Christmas jumpers with Die Hard theme. Here we have the best picks for you.

die hard christmas jumper amazon

Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas movie and everybody knows it in their hearts. It is amazingly set on Christmas Eve. The movie is set with the best Christmas Music and terrorists. Certainly, it is also completed with the original version of this cool new Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho jumper.

Absolutely, now you can also arrive at your Christmas party by wearing this ultimate ugly Christmas jumper. It is just like the dead terrorist wearing with the bloody words which were written on the chest by John McClane, “Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho.”

Just make sure to also have on Santa hat and strap yourself to an office chair. Shoes is optional. Welcome to the party bro! Find this Christmas jumper at Amazon.

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